Portrait photography doesn’t have to be in a studio!  In fact, there is a lot to be said for getting out and finding a good location to make those portraits look a little bit more interesting.

That’s exactly what I did with one of my favourites models, Michaela.  Michaela wanted some shots in a wedding dress in an old building.  We had two problems: – Finding a suitable venue near to us both in Nottingham, and finding a wedding dress!

The first was easily solved.  There are numerous excellent locations for portrait photography in Nottingham, not least of which is the ruined church we chose at Colwick Hall.  There was a bit of climbing involved, but Michaela (and her Mum!) were more than game, and we were rewarded with old crumbling walls being overtaken by lush green vegetation.

This choice of location made the second problem a bit more difficult.  One option was to hire or borrow a dress, but this was a bit risky considering the possibility of getting is snagged on branches etc…  Luckily, Michaela had an old pink bridesmaid’s dress, which would be perfect if it was white.   So, the solution was to shoot it in pink and change the colour in photoshop afterwards.

Here’s the results.  I’m not sure it looks quite as natural as it would with a white dress but it does the job… for now.  Michaela and her Mum are in the process of making a white one for our next attempt!

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