After a week in the village I had learnt that there was one place that meant so much to the locals – the river. I felt I had to capture it, and a 360 degree photo seemed like a great way to do it. It really gives a sense of the scale of the place and it is easy to see why the locals love it so much.

When the heat gets too much, the folk of Belen will pretty much drop everything and head for their favourite spot on the bank of the river. Adults set up BBQ’s and kids hunt for the right spot to leap from or their favourite rope swing. Many a beer is drunk (cheaper than water in the village!) and an almost carnival-like atmosphere pervades.

It feels like a real privilege to be invited to the river, and the water is fast running, crystal clear and wonderfully refreshing. But endless hours spent as a climbing frame for the kids take their toll and it’s a long walk back to the village. Luckily those cheap beers await!

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