Can hotel photography really be too good? With the tricks that can be achieved by today’s photo editing software, I’d say it can. It’s entirely possible to give customers a very false expectation, and then when they arrive… well, you know the rest (or your reception staff do!)

The real skill is to present a hotel or resort at its best but accurately. You want your rooms to look spacious but not bigger than customers would experience them in real life. The same goes for your pool. You want the best parts of your hotel to be shown off, but you have to show the customers the parts that they will be spending most of their time in – a standard room with a limited view rather than the presidential suite perhaps?

So you must take care over your choice of photographer. We all want to show our mastery of photography and our wizardry with Photoshop, and we may well be egged on by the marketing manager who would like to pretend every room comes with Champagne, flowers and rose petals strewn across the bed! But we should resist for the sake of customer satisfaction, repeat custom and good business sense.

There is also the temptation to go the other way and utilise user generated content in the style of trip advisor. This is very trusted, but also a bad idea. Why? Well there are many technical reasons but let’s just say that 99 times out of 100 the point-and-shoot camera in the hands of the novice simply does not get close to the human eye and brain with it’s ability to perceive and recreate the visual world. To do that you need a professional with the right equipment. Just make sure you find one that understands the business and can reign in their photographic genius long enough to get you the right pictures!

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