360 degree virtual tour photography is perfect for promoting hotels, property and real estate. Why?  Because it allows people to get inside and have a good look around which is just what people want to do when booking a hotel, renting a room, buying a house, visiting a venue etc…

360 degree virtual tour photography is unique in that it enables your customers to step inside and take a look around.  It is also a sure way to stand out against your competitors and, by showing more, build up trust with your customers.

360 degree virtual tour photography builds trust

These days customers can be wary of professional photography.  They wonder how much work has been done in photoshop and how much of the scene is ‘missing’.  They ask themselves if there is a power station or a building site in the background that’s cleverly concealed by the angle of view…  they wonder if the other side of the room is as nice as the one in the photo… they deliberate over the mysterious magic of photoshop which they already know can knock 20 years and 2 dress sizes from any model!

One solution is to include user generate content in the style of Trip Advisor.  Undoubtedly this is trusted, but of course it is not controlled by you and for various boring technical reasons these type of photos invariably make your product look worse than it actually is.  However, 360 degree virtual tour photography solves the problem perfectly! There are no hidden angles, and the quality is as it should be, showing your property at it’s best, honestly and accurately.

360 degree virtual tour photography makes your website more appealing

360 degree virtual tour photography is interesting and fun!  The fact that it is interactive helps to engage your customers and keep them on your website.  It is widely known that today’s web-savvy buyers have a painfully short attention span so keeping their interest is vital. And as the internet becomes an increasingly more important sales channel, anything that helps keep people browsing your site has to be  people has to be a major boon!


For more information on how 360 degree virtual tour photography can help hotel and tourism sales check out hotelmarketingstrategies.com which has a great article on 360 degree virtual tour photography

See, and interact with, examples of my 360 degree virtual tour photography here

360 degree virtual tour photography