They say you should only shoot what you are passionate about… and I am a photographer who has had a real passion for travel and photography for as long as I can remember.  I first embarked on my travel career when I ran away from home at the age of four, but I only got as far as the caravan parked on the drive! As for photography, I didn’t start quite so young, but that too has been a life long passion.

hotel photographerI am Glyn Thorneloe, LRPS. Early in my working life I set out to seek fame, fortune and adventure in the travel industry, hoping to get beyond the caravan!  I certainly found plenty of adventure, living and working in 10 different countries from Mexico to India, Egypt to Turkey, and Greece to Spain.I have had the luck to see, experience and photograph some of the most interesting and beautiful places in the world.

But it wasn’t all about photo opportunities and adventure!  Travel and tourism is a serious business. Working in it enabled me to develop and hone my skills in sales, marketing and customer service.  I enjoyed delivering and managing both customer service and sales and won a few awards for both over the years.  I soon learnt to meet people’s needs, whether by solving their problems, providing customer service selling them a product.

Images from a professional that understands business and customers

Gradually, my photography improved and became more important to me. I was asked to start taking photos for the brochures of the tour operator I worked for (on top of my day job!).  When this happened I thought it was time to formalise my skills.  So I gained a Diploma in Photography from the Photography Institute and a Licentiate Award from the Royal Photographic Society.  I also sought out all the professional photographers I could find who were willing to train, teach or advise me and pestered them until they gave me their secrets!

This all goes to make me a unique photographer.  One that excels in giving customer service and that also understands the aim of all commercial images: to market and sell a product and service.

This means that if you ask me to create a photo that reflects a brand positioning or that suits a market segment, I will do it.  It also means that I can talk business with business owners, hotels with hoteliers, and travel with travellers.

The same goes for portraits.  I can produce stunning portraits that reflect the image or style you want.  Whether that is to suit your personal taste or to sell yourself in a certain market, I can do it.

And I am happy to put my money where my mouth is.  I will reshoot free of charge if I don’t hit the mark first time.  Why do I offer this? Because getting great photos is only half of my job, getting completely satisfied customers is the other half…. I have a passion for both.

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