Beauty and fashion photography is about creating images that are sensual and stylish.  Whether you are a aspiring or professional model looking to update your profile, a business who needs to add this element to their advertising or an everyday person who would like to look like people on the pages of glossy magazines, I can help.

We will work together to create just the right look for your product, portfolio or personal taste.

glamour photography
“There is nothing that makes its way more directly to the soul than beauty.” – Joseph Addison

Glamour and Beauty
This subject of this type of photography is the beauty and sensuality of the model and the art is to get that to be transferred to the viewer of the final image.  It requires skill on behalf of both the photographer and the model.  But when done well these type of images can be incredibly engaging, with an almost mesmerising effect on the viewer.

Working with me to this end you will experience an encouraging, relaxed and fun atmosphere with lighting, location and props all helping to create the perfect image.

In fashion photography the model’s role is to support the product and make it look great. she has to lend her beauty and sensuality to the product to create an evocative and alluring image.

Fashion photos also have to stand out.  They need to be creative, attract attention and support the brand image of the designer or label.  A difficult mix to achieve! However, all these things are attainable when you have a photographer that can work well with the model and creative director, who understands what it means to position a brand or image, and who can get just the right look to create that evocative image that will sell your product.

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