A hotel photographer shouldn’t just know photography, they should know hotels and travel marketing too. After all, what is the point of using images that over or under sell your hotel? You want a hotel photographer that gets it just right, showing your hotel at its best without making it look like something it’s not.

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A hotel photographer with a difference

I am Glyn Thorneloe, LRPS, and early in my working life I decided that I had to see the world – really see it.  Holidays weren’t enough, I wanted to live and breath the exciting places of the world.  So I got myself a job in tourism, packed my camera and off I went…

I spent years travelling and working in all the best holiday hotspots of the world.  And of course I spent years photographing them too.

What so different about that?  Well, as a hotel photographer I have a unique perspective.  I understand hotel customers and hotel marketers.  I know what elements are required in your hotel images to make people want to book.  I also know how far to go with my photography; there is no point making your 3 star hotel look like a five star and then having your customers dissatisfied as soon as they arrive.  They will only check out the following day and tell their friends how bad your hotel was and how you deceived them with your photos.

More than just a hotel photographer…

Your hotel marketing needs more than just quality hotel photography…  Supporting images can help to create mood and to convey the atmosphere of your hotel, photography of the destination or local area can help to make customers choose your hotel over others, and pictures of staff can show the friendly and welcoming side of your business…

This is why I am more than a hotel photographer – I am a photographer who can take your travel images, mood shots and portraits as well.  And for those who want to take their online hotel images to the next level, I am also a master of 360 degree virtual tours.

hotel photographer
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