Hotel photography is important. It’s simple – good hotel photography sells rooms. Of course they do… people save all year to visit these places and stay in these rooms and they want to know what they look like!

So if you are in the business of selling hotel rooms you simply need top class photography.

Hotel photography
“Your hotel photography is second to none. You produce great images – just what we need each and every time” – Product Manager, MyTravel

Hotel photography

I have worked with and photographed hotels and resorts all over the world for major British tour operators including Thomas Cook and MyTravel, so you could say I know my way around a hotel!  In fact I know my way around most of the resorts of Europe, and a few farther afield.  Knowing the business means I can communicate with the users of my images.  Whether that is the product sales team, tour operator or hotel manager, I speak the language of tourism and of marketing so the process of producing the hotel images you want is so much easier. It’s simple: Great images sell holidays!

See examples of my Hotel Photography here

More than just hotel photography

Great hotel photography is not everything.  Why? Because however attractive a hotel might be, a big part of why people will is because of the destination its-self and what it has to offer. This may include many features and places of interest, but often, a key selling point is simply the way it feels; its atmosphere or ambience.

Images that reflect this mood will help to successfully promote your product.  Great supporting images not only give people an idea of what there is to see in a place, but also how they can expect to feel when they visit.  They support hotel sales by informing and reminding customers what the destination has to offer, and also putting them in a frame of mind which makes them want to buy.

Hotel photography and supporting images are fully guaranteed!

If you’re not completely satisfied with my hotel photography I’ll retake your photos free of charge, so how can you lose?