Images are everywhere nowadays…. Almost everyone has a mega-pixel camera, a high tech camera-phone and some basic imaging software. So why would you hire a professional? Why not do it yourself or find a friend with a decent camera and let them have a go? There are many reasons, and a lot more to quality photography than meets the eye (pardon the pun!).

To really get people to buy your product, or to capture the essence of a person of place, you need to know a thing or two….

photography nottingham
“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” Ansel Adams

… you need to know about line, form, visual weight, contrast and colour….  aperture, shutter speed and exposure…  depth of field, bokeh… etc… etc… etc… the list is almost endless, and that’s before we even start to think about the image editing, printing and colour-space side of the equation!

On the other hand, it is a professional photographer’s job to know all about these things and more.  In addition, a good photographer will also know how to apply them to your particular situation.

For instance, I know a great hotel photographer, but his images are too good.  That might not sound possible, but consider this:  What if, due to creative lighting and photo-editing, a hotel room looks 3 stars better than it actually is?  How will that customer feel when they have travelled 2000 miles to find the room is nothing like the one in the picture?  The customer and the hotelier are simply going to have a bad time of it.

The same goes for portraits.  If you are a fashion or glamour model, then you need an impossibly perfect complexion, and the right lighting, lens and photo-editing to achieve that.   But if you are someone sitting for a portrait, you need a bit of character in there, and some context – a way to reflect you and your life at this point in time.

For commercial images, the part the picture is required to play in the sales process is also important.  Some images have the job of communicating the mood or atmosphere of the subject, some have to provide accurate information and others have a more symbolic purpose.  All of these factors, and more, have to be taken into account to get good, useful images.

That is why hiring a professional photographer is almost always the right thing to do!