As a virtual tour photographer with a passion for customer service I am not only obsessed with satisfying my customers but yours too.  I know that’s easy to say, but I mean it!  I guarantee all my work if you are not 100% satisfied I’ll either re-shoot for free or I won’t charge you.  Why do I offer this?  Because I just love being a virtual tour photographer and I know you’ll love my work.

virtual tour photographer

A virtual tour photographer that’s different

I am Glyn Thorneloe, LRPS, a photographer that specialises in virtual tours.  Now, I know that in itself doesn’t make me different… but what does (I hope) is how I came to be a virtual tour photographer – through marketing rather than through photography.  Although I have always been a keen photographer, gained awards and qualifications and worked professionally for a number of years, it was purely my marketing background that got me interested it virtual tours.  Specifically, it was the need to market hotel rooms.  There is simply no better way to show off a space, be it a hotel room, a house for sale, a restaurant or a tourist attraction than a well-executed virtual tour.

More than just a virtual tour photographer…

It is this sales and marketing background that makes me more then just a virtual tour photographer.  I am able to understand the purpose of virtal tours and I know just how far I should go with my photography skills.  I won’t make the mistakes of other photographers and make your 3 star BB look like a 5 star… and I won’t make the mistake of other marketers – settle for poor quality user generated content that makes your 3 star BB look like a 1 star hostel!!  Instead I will create virtual tours that generate strong positive sales that lead to happy customers and repeat business.

And don’t forget, I’ll guarantee it!!

See some of the work I have done as a virtual tour photographer here

virtual tour photographer
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